What is Laser Tag?

Laser tag is a live gaming experience where players use state of the art latest technology infrared phasers to tag players on the other team, via sensors on their headbands and phasers.

It is non contact, long lasting fun that can be played by all ages (recommend 5+), indoors or outdoors, in your backyard, a park or party venue. All you need is a recommended playing field size of about 1.5m per player, so a 5 a side game would have a width of 7.5m and the more trees/obstacles for hiding behind the better.

We offer mobile laser tag parties across the Sunshine Coast with brand new state of the art laser tag phasers. At 40cm long and weighing 1.8kg, the Cobra is one of the lightest S.A.T.R. (Small Arms Transmitter Receiver) models. It is made from polycarbonate, rather than metal, making it perfect for younger players, and for indoor or outdoor play. They come preset with the latest technology and the following features:

  • Red or blue stickers on either side to indicate team
  • Each red phaser is connected to a red head band with two sensors on it and each blue phaser is connected to a blue headband with two sensors on it
  • Software on each phase is set to either Team A (Red) or Team B (Blue) and phasers set to the same colour cannot tag each other (i.e. to prevent players from accidently tagging their own team members)
  • Red or blue muzzle flash
  • Red or blue hit light
  • Integrated peep red dot sight
  • 5 x health points (number of times a player can be tagged before being deactivated) then players need to go to their medic box and press the red button to be reactivated
  • The first two times a player is tagged they will hear a “near miss” sound affect, the next two times they will hear an “oouf” sound affect and on the last hit they will hear the deactivated sound “aaargh”
  • When a player tags another one they will hear “tagged” and if they deactivate someone they will hear “deactivated” and if they tag someone that has already been deactivated they will hear "deactivated already"
  • 50 x rounds of ammo (automatically reloaded or can also use the red trigger button)

Please note that whilst the phasers are portable, tough & water resistant, if playing in light rain they need to be held horizontal at all times to avoid water running down the barrel and through the trigger. They should not be used in heavy rain or lightening and when not in use keep them out of rain and switched off to save battery power.